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What appears to be a headless apparition
on porch.  Photo by Beth Coleman
Photo by Shawn Bradford
                                 Types of Hauntings

There are three classifications of hauntings.  The first type is called residual
energy haunting.  It is an imprint of energy left behind that plays over and
over like a videotape.  The second type is the apparition, the actual spirit of a
person who remains attached to a place.  This type can interact with the
living, unlike the first type.  The third type is the poltergeist.  This type
involves disturbances such as loud rapping and other sounds, throwing of
objects, moving furniture, and assaults on humans.  They differ from other
ghosts by their violent and destructive behavior.  They are rarely connected
to the spirit of a known deceased person.  They are thought to be
mischievous or malevolent spirits or the subconscious telekinetic powers of
an adolescent child.  
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What is an Orb?
The orb as a paranormal phenomenon is a controversial theory.  An orb can be any 'orb shaped'
anomaly caught on film. These can be from dust, pollen, rain droplets, snow, bugs, reflection; any
number of explanations. On the other hand, there have been many photos taken containing balls of
light that seem to be traveling through the air, that cannot be explained as being an artifact. Many of
these photos are taken at places that are known to  have some kind of ghostly or paranormal
activity, or in cemeteries. It is commonly thought by paranormal investigators that some of these
anomalies are spirits or souls of the departed caught on camera. Whether or not this is true we
don't know. Validating a 'ghost orb' photo depends on many factors relating to shape, light
conditions, weather, and more. Be careful when analyzing 'orb' photos. It is important to take test
shots to have for comparison to photos of orbs you know have a scientific explanation, and the
higher the resolution of the camera, the better.
Electromagnetic Field - A field created by a combination of electric and magnetic energy that
radiates from radio and light waves to gamma and cosmic rays.  Most parapsychologists
believe when the spirits of the dead manifest, they create an electromagnetic field.
E.M.F or Electromagnetic Field Detector - An instrument that measures electromagnetic
energy  and is used by paranormal investigators to detect the presence of spirits.
E.V.P - Electronic Voice Phenomena, voices captured on audiotape when no one is
present are thought to be voices from spirits attempting to communicate with the living.
                                                    Do No Harm
                                           By Sarah Harrison

As paranormal investigators we need to take great care when doing an investigation in a home.  
We are dealing with people who have real fears and concerns.  If, upon doing an investigation,
you find very little paranormal activity, do not tell the homeowners their home is not haunted. It
leaves them feeling like they're crazy or frustrated because no one believes them.  If you do find
paranormal activity, do not tell them "You have 3 ghosts, bye now".  You must sit down with them
and try to allay their fears.  If a cleansing is needed and wanted you must explain exactly what it
entails and make sure the residents want this.  If your group does not do cleansings, refer them to
someone who does, be it a secular group or religious ceremony by a member of the clergy.  We
must not be blinded by our enthusiasm for ghost hunting and be uncaring about the people we
deal with who have to live with paranormal activity on a daily basis.  If your group does do
cleansing, be sure you know what you are doing.  This is not a game.  You could make things
worse for the residents and put yourself and your group in harms way.  A paranormal investigator
must be there to help, not just "chase ghosts".  Do no harm.  
Internet  hoaxes are common
Another Image from the internet.  Doesn't she
look familiar?  My, my our lady ghost does get
This image has been making the
rounds of the internet.  The
story is that the young man died
moments after the picture was
taken.  Ghost was not seen by
picture taker.  It is a hoax.
Travel Channel's Most Haunted a fraud.
 Gee, who would have thought?

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