Little Girl Ghost Investigation
Jan. 19th, 2007- We were contacted to do an investigation of a Mid-1800's
home in Buncombe County.  The owners claimed that a little girl haunted the
home.  She would play pranks, whistle, and clap her hands.  The upstairs
bedroom was uncomfortable for anyone to remain in and the family dogs would
not stay in the room. The house was very active that night, we photographed
many orbs on digital camera and camcorder. The little girl played a prank on me
while I was in the living room by myself.  I heard the Christmas wrapping paper,
that was in a box, rustling around.  Thinking one of the family dogs was playing
with the wrapping paper, I turned around and nothing was there.  I snapped a
picture and captured an orb.  Researching the home, we found a nine year old
girl had died in the house in the 1880's.
In the upstairs bedroom, our psychic picked up on an angry man with a beard.  
He would not communicate and wanted nothing to do with us.  His negative
energy was what was making that room so uncomfortable.
Outside, our psychic picked up the spirit of an old slave.  He stayed away
because he was frightened of White people.  The owners stated afterwards
that many people were uncomfortable on the front porch.
After the investigation, we visited a nearby cemetery and found the grave of
the little girl who died in the 1880's.
We would like to return to the home and see if we could move these spirits
onto the other side.
Go to photos, page 4 to see pictures from this investigation.
By Sarah Harrison
Devil's Turnaround Cemetery
Kennesaw, GA
By Sarah Harrison
The weekend of Jan. 26th, 2007, I went to Atlanta, GA to join the Atlanta Paranormal Group on an
investigation of Devil's Turnaround Cemetery. It is officially the Noonday Extension Cemetery but
it is nicknamed Devil's Turnaround. This is an old Black cemetery with graves dating back to the
1800's. It is badly neglected and overgrown. It received it's name because of the large amount of
paranormal activity there. People have reported being scratched, hit, and having objects thrown
at them. We didn't encounter anything like that but the cemetery was active. We all photographed
orbs. An adult male and an 8 year old boy, named Samuel, were contacted using dowsing rods.
There is a grave in the cemetery of a Samuel Barnes with only date of death. Photos from this
adventure on the Photos page 4.
The Ghosts in the Attic Investigation
By Sarah Harrison
We were called to an 1800's era home in Buncombe County because the homeowners believed
they had two ghosts. The problem ghost was in the attic. They claimed he was seen crouching in
the corner, covered in soot, and was very menacing and hostile. They wanted him gone. He was
giving visitors to the house "creepy" and negative feelings. The other spirit was a young woman
who died in the house maybe in the 1920's of TB. She has appeared to members of the family. They
are quite fond of her and wanted her to stay.  We found two additional spirits, a servant/nanny
downstairs, who was warm and nurturing,  and a younger male spirit in the attic.  So we had two
spirits in the attic.
The problem ghost was an older male, very arrogant and hostile.  When contacted by our psychic,
he resorted to name calling, including calling all of us White Trash.  Quite an unpleasant fellow.  
After much work, he was convinced to move to the other side.  The younger male was sad and
heartbreaking and may have been a suicide.  He would not move on because he felt safe there.  He
promised to behave himself if we would just leave him alone.  Though there are spirits remaining
in the house, the problem one was removed and hopefully, the house will be much more peaceful.
See Photos Page 5
The Ghosts in the Basement Investigation
We were called to do an investigation of a 1970's era home in West Asheville.
The homeowners complained of loud noises from the basement. Like someone throwing the tool
box around and someone hitting on the house supports with a pipe. They felt something creeping
around the house at night, something that made them uncomfortable and was malevolent. This
entity would knock on the bedroom doors at night. Both residents had disturbing dreams. One
resident claimed she woke up one night and saw a man's face that was red.
The basement was very uncomfortable. We contacted two spirits. One was a young boy named
Lucus and the other was a very angry man named Jerry.  Jerry was the one causing all the noise.
He refused to believe he was dead and made derogatory remarks about the women in the house,
justifying his bad behavior. This entity took alot of work, but finally agreed to move on. We hope
for the residents sake, he doesn't return. The young boy, Lucus, was frightened but moved on
very easily.
We were recently contacted by the homeowners.  All is well in the home and doing research, they
found out that the man who built the house was named Jerry.
Photos on page 7.
By Sarah Harrison
The Murder/Suicide House Investigation
We investigated a house where a man killed his wife and kids and then killed himself. The
residents claimed they saw apparitions of a woman, a man, and heard the voice of a child
saying Mama. Doors would open and shut by themselves, the locked front door would unlock
and open while the residents were asleep. The kitchen cabinet would open and plates would
fall out. The kitchen cabinets would latch when shut, so opening by themselves was no easy
feat. Footsteps would often be heard when only one person was home.
We made contact with the spirits. There was a great deal of domestic violence in the home
leading up to the murder/suicide. The man's name was William or Will, the woman was Sara,
and one of the children was named Billy.
We photographed quite a few orbs and the face of a man looking in the kitchen door. Soon
after photographing the face, the kitchen door opened by itself, letting the dogs into the
house. Several investigators witnessed the door opening and said the dogs were not near
the door when it opened.
It was a bit of a chaotic investigation. The resident's family and friends were there, then the
neighbors showed up. It turned into a nice block party.
We want to move these spirits on to the other side, but the residents want them to stay.
Maybe we can someday move the man to the other side, since he is an angry and hostile
presence.  People need to understand that ghosts aren't pets.  Photos are on Page 7.
By Sarah Harrison
The Drunken Ghost Investigation
We were called to an apartment in Asheville because the occupant kept seeing the
apparition of a woman. She also said that she kept finding coins in her living room but had
no idea where they were coming from.  She described the apparition as wearing a flannel
shirt, jeans, and had short hair.
Our psychic described her as a homeless person, mentally ill, and alcoholic.  The spirit
liked the occupant of the apartment and spent time there.  She also moved around to
other apartments because of all the partying going on by young people living there.
Unfortunately, this spirit was incoherent, not rational in her thinking.  All we got from her
was her name, Evie.  We were not able to move her on because rational communication
was impossible.  This poor soul is stuck and is continuing the patterns she lived in life.
The Log Cabin Ghosts
We were called to do an investigation at a log cabin home in Asheville.  The house was built in
the 1930's and had been rental property for many years.  The renters had told the owner they
frequently saw a female spirit but had no problems with her.  After the recent tenants moved
out, the owner decided to do some remodeling work.  She hired a young couple to move into
the house to do the remodeling work.  Right away, problems started.  The couple felt
uncomfortable and threatened in the home.  One night, the woman woke up and stated that the
room became extremely cold.  She felt something pushing down on her chest, she couldn't
breathe, and could not speak to call for her boyfriend.  The next day she and her boyfriend
moved out of the home.  They continued to do work, but were uncomfortable and left the house
every day before dark.
Our psychics discovered two spirits in the house, male and female.  The female was fearful and
gave the impression of being the victim of a great deal of domestic violence.  She was crossed
over to the other side with little problem.  The male spirit, John, was a real piece of work.  He
was a bully and threatening and had been a wife beater in life.  John tried to be the tough guy
and admitted to beating and accidentally killing his wife.  He said he took his shotgun to the
banks of the river to kill himself.  His attitude was "Hell No" when asked to cross over to the
other side.  He finally agreed to cross over and seemed to do so.
We received a frantic phone call the next day.  The man working on the house had been
attacked.   He stated that something grabbed him and would not let him move.  We returned and
found that John was still there.  He had only pretended to cross over.  He was as big a SOB in
death as he was in life.  We did a spirit cleansing and forced John out of the house.  Everything
in the house seemed fine after that.
We received another frantic phone call.  The couple working on the house felt very
uncomfortable and claimed the lights were flickering and objects were moving around. The
couple had enough and they left, never to return.  It was determined that a non-human entity
was there and exhibiting poltergeist type activity.  Why this entity was there is unknown,
possibly it was attracted to all the past violence and negative energy in the house.  One of our
members conducted an exorcism.  All seems fine with the house now.  Any more developments
will be documented here.
Photos from this investigation are on page 8.
The House By The Cemetery
We were called to do an investigation in a home located in a rural area next to a cemetery.  The
with her hair in a bun.  The residents' children also reported the ghosts of children.  They also
reported footsteps and the bathroom faucets would come on by themselves.  The residents
photographed orbs in the living room.  Our team also photographed orbs in the living room.  
Our psychic contacted a woman who had been a former resident of the home.  She had not
passed on because she had too much to do and too many people to take care of.  She
complained about how noisy the children were.  She finally agreed to pass to the over side.  
Several of the remaining spirits were visitors from the nearby cemetery.  They were quite
ready for help to pass over.  One of these spirits was a little girl between 8-12 years old.  She
was seen holding a stuffed bunny rabbit.  She was also passed over.  It is saddening to work
with the spirits of children, but at least this one spirit is now at peace and not stuck here
anymore. Photos on Page 9.
The Poltergeist
We were called to a home in west Asheville.  The homeowners were frightened and desperate.  
activity.  They heard banging on the wall, someone would knock on the front door and there
would be no one there, objects would fly off shelves, they heard footsteps late at night, there
were unexplained cold spots, and mysterious fires.
Our psychic picked up a nonhuman entity who was causing all the mischief.  This was not a
strong entity but was probably feeding off the emotions in the house.  An exorcism was
performed and the entity was removed from the house.  Another spirit was picked up.  It was a
next door neighbor who had committed suicide years earlier.  He was a sad, disoriented spirit
and was easily moved onto the other side.