The Devil's Tramping Ground
                                     by Roy Walden

The story behind the Devil's Tramping Ground, near Siler City, NC, is that on this
piece of barren ground the Devil comes each night. He paces around in the
circle to think of ways to foil mankind during the day and just before daybreak,
he flies away.

But it goes much deeper than that. If you lay sticks, stones or any other object
on the path, they will be moved out of the circle by morning. There have been
reports by a few people who claim to have been sleeping in the circle and have
been thrown out by some unseen force.

On Nov. 20, 2005, I did an investigation of my own at the Devil's Tramping
Ground. First off, when arriving at the DTG, upon getting out, I thought,  " This is
it?"  Not much to look at if you ask me. I wasn't impressed by what I saw. I had
read reports that the DTG was a massive patch of earth at least 40ft in diameter
where no vegetation would grow. The circle itself was only 21ft by 21ft and not in
a complete circle. The measurements I took were only North to South and East to
West, and vegetation was growing on the outside of the circle like the story
tells. But the ground on the inside of the circle was compacted so tightly that I
could only dig about 3 inches deep to obtain a soil sample.

The whole area was trashed. There were beer bottles, cans, and fast food
wrappers everywhere. I filled up several large trash bags with garbage before I
took my pictures. So much for the story that things are thrown out of the circle.  

My view on the DTG is that the Indians of that era told the settlers this story to
keep them from disturbing the resting place of a major Chieftain, who had been
murdered, as another story reads. But I found nothing paranormal about this
area. No strange feelings, no EVP's, no anomalies on any of the pictures I took.
To me this case is closed.

Note: Soil is sterile with a high salt and acidity level.
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