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Page 1 includes photos from Carolina Inn, Chapel
Hill, NC, Ghost in the Garage investigation, Lewis
Memorial Park, and Grove Park Inn
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Page 2 includes photos from Grove Park Inn,
Helen's Bridge, Haunted Picnic area, and
some interesting streak and squiggle
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Page 3 includes photos from Slamming
Door Ghost investigation, LEMUR
Bigfoot & Ghosts Weekend, and the
Smith-McDowell House
Special Events Photos Click Here
Photos from Special Events, included
are photos from the LEMUR UFO Picnic
Page 4 includes photos from the Little
Girl Ghost Investigation and Devil's
Turnaround Cemetery
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Page 5 includes Pictures from The
Ghost In The Attic Investigation
Page 6 has pictures of a message from
beyond the grave that appeared in two
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Page 7 includes pictures from The
Ghost in the Basement Investigation
and The Murder/Suicide House
Page 8 Click Here
Page 8 includes pictures from the investigation of
the State Theatre in Kingsport, TN, The Drunken
Ghost Investigation, and The Log Cabin Ghosts
Page 9 Click Here
Page 9 includes pictures from the House by
the Cemetery Investigation and pictures
from an old crematorium.
Page 10 Click Here
Page 10 includes a picture of an apparition in a
garden and an old picture of Helen's Bridge.  A
creepy picture taken in a Georgia Swamp, a picture
taken inside The Basilica of St. Lawrence and a
picture taken in a haunted school in Hickory, NC.
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Page 11 includes pictures and video from
The Haunted Restaurant Investigation
and the haunted barn at The Way Station.
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More photos from the haunted barn at the Way Station,  a
picture taken during the Asheville Ghost Tour, and a