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Page 1 includes Bigfoot Sightings in
WNC, interviews with people who have
seen Bigfoot, and a photograph of a
cast of a footprint
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Page 2 includes a Bigfoot sighting in Fairview, NC, pictures from
the LEMUR Bigfoot and Ghosts Weekend, and sightings in Black
Mountain, NC, and Ridgecrest.  Reptile-like creature sighted near
Chimney Rock.  Plus hikers have rocks thrown at them.
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5 toed Bigfoot versus 3 Toed Bigfoot. Both kinds of tracks
are found in WNC.  Two species?  For more info on this
question click link for Page 3
Photos of a possible Bigfoot taken by a
trail camera.
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Bigfoot Prints Photographed In Nantahala
Forest Near the Appalachian Trail.
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