The Ghost in the Restaurant Investigation
Orb by Ben's elbow and one by window. Photo by Lauren
Squiggle anomaly on left side.  Photo by Lauren
Orb on Floor. Photo by Lauren
Orb peeking out of door.  Photo by Sarah Harrison
Several orbs.  Photo by Phillip Driver
Black Mass anomaly.  Photo by Mike
Haunted room, face looking in the window.  Photo by Phillip Driver
An eerie video was shot during this investigation.  The
camera was in a room upstairs and no one was
upstairs while the camera was filming.  You can hear
footsteps and the camera moves twice.  Then a black
shape moves in front of the window on the right side,
blocking out the light.
Click here for video
Enlargement of face
Bruise on the owner's arm where she was grabbed by something
unseen, photo by Sarah Harrison
Taken in haunted barn, Edneyville, NC. Photo by Max
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