Asheville Ghost Stories
Page 3
The Phantom Lady Of Glady Fork Road
Outside Candler, NC, off Hwy 151, is Glady Fork Rd. Along Glady Fork Rd. is a
one lane bridge over a creek.  Motorists have seen a woman dressed in
white standing on the bridge.  When they stop to see if the she needs help,
they notice blood on her face and arms.  The lady will start laughing in an
unearthly, frightening way.  The motorists will speed off and when they look
in the rear view mirror, the lady has vanished.  One brave soul turned
around and went back to the bridge.  He states nobody could have gotten
out of sight that quickly.
Stoney Point Park
Off Hwy 151, Candler, is the location of what is known as the Haunted Picnic
Area. It was originally the site of a Native-American burial ground.  The locals
refer to this area as The Body Dump because it became infamous as the place
to dispose of bodies, especially during Prohibition. In 1997, Judith Smith's
body was found there.  Her murder is still unsolved. The park is very haunted
and sensitive people have difficulties visiting there. This is an excellent place
for paranormal photography and EVP's.