Entrance to Bell Witch Cave.  Photo by Sarah Harrison
Photo by Sarah Harrison
Orb in cave. Photo by Chrisi Messer
Sharecropper cabin built by John Bell around
1817-1818.  Photo by Sarah Harrison
Reproduction of the John Bell home.   Original home
was torn down years ago.  No one will build on the
site of the original home because of the Bell Witch
legend. Photo by Sarah Harrison
Monument to John Bell located in Bellwood Cemetery,
Adams TN.  Photo by Sarah Harrison
Inscription on monument.  Photo by Sarah
Picture of John Bell's tombstone, reprinted
with permission of bellwitchfansite.com.  
Original tombstone was stolen in 1951.  
Tombstone was replaced in 1957.  Graves of
John and Lucy Bell are off limits to the public.
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I recommend renting the movie, American Haunting,
and compare the legend on page 1 to the Hollywood
version of the Bell Witch Story