Message from the Other Side
I was contacted by a widower who believed that he
had received a message of comfort from his late
wife.  Soon after a memorial service marking one
year of her passing, the image of a hawk appeared in
the library mirror and the bathroom mirror of his
home.  The hawk was her favorite animal and had
special spiritual meaning for her.  I know the man
personally and he would not pull a hoax.
Image of hawk in the library room mirror.  A black cloth is being
held in front to catch more detail.  Photo by Sarah Harrison.
Image of hawk in the library room mirror without black
cloth in front.  Photo by Sarah Harrison
Image of hawk in Bathroom mirror.  Black cloth being
held behind me.  Photo by Sarah Harrison
Image in the library room mirror.  
Photo by Sarah Harrison
Close up of Bathroom mirror.  Photo by Sarah Harrison
Image in Bathroom mirror without black cloth.  
Photo by Sarah Harrison
By Sarah Harrison
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