To go out seeking to
know a phenomenon
that is inherently
elusive requires an
open, flexible mind
that is tolerant of
Katherine Ramsland
The Caretaker
By Sarah Harrison
Photo by
Shawn Bradford
There is a cemetery located in North Asheville where paranormal activity has been reported. One
day I was driving past this cemetery and a man wearing a red plaid shirt walked out of the cemetery
and into the path of my car. I slammed on my brakes and he slowly  faded away. I had a few choice
words to say! I asked around and found out that the old caretaker of the cemetery  has been seen
quite a bit since he passed away.  
A few weeks later I visited this cemetery. I took a camera and snapped some pictures. I found a
baby's grave with a wet, weather beaten teddy bear on it. I moved the teddy bear a bit to see the
name and date on the grave and I heard a sound like someone hitting the wooden fence. I stood up
and walked toward the church when all the lights came on. I had triggered the motion detectors.
Enough of this. I was a bit unnerved.
Later, Eric, Shawn, and I paid a visit to this cemetery.  Eric immediately felt overwhelmed and
returned to the car.  Shawn captured quite a bit of orb activity on the video camera.  She claims she
saw a man in a red plaid shirt who was giving the proverbial "looks that could kill".  I was busy with
EVP's at the time.   I captured a voice that sounded like "get out".  In our opinion, the ghostly
presence in the cemetery is the old caretaker who is still guarding the cemetery like he did in life.
                                       Grove Park Inn
                                     By Shawn Bradford

My ex- husband and I stayed in room 545 on August 10th, 2005.  That is the haunted room in the
historic main inn.  I took my video camera and digital camera with us that night.  I have gotten orbs
on both cameras.  What I find interesting is the video footage.  I like how the orbs have movement
and go in different directions.  I took pictures and video several times during the night.
There is a door about in the middle of the wall, on the outside wall (the hallway was on the other
side of the wall) in the bathroom.  It was where the servants in the early 1900's  used to put
steamer trunks when guests were staying in the room.  The bathrooms were at the end of the hall
at that time.  So, I went in there and checked it out.  I banged on that door, and it wasn't the same
noise.  It is a thick door.  I couldn't get the same loud bang.  It sounded like something that had
metal on it.  Almost like it was thrown down.  It had scared us.  But before the loud bang, I saw a
man standing in the doorway of the bathroom.  I think that it was a servant or something.
As to the orbs, I got plenty of them on video and pictures.  But I really got a lot on video.  It looked as
if the orbs were going through one of the adjoining doors to the other side.  It was really weird.  But
it was also interesting.  It was really cold in the room.  Plus, it just felt like a lot of electricity in the
                                                                  The Ghost in the Garage
                                                                        By Sarah Harrison

We were asked to investigate a home in Asheville.  The owners complained about a feeling of anger and hostility in the garage.  
Nobody in the home could stay in the garage for any length of time and had to enter the garage in two's.  They also felt a presence in
the rooms closest to the garage.  The lady had a sense that somebody had hung himself in the garage. She also sensed a dog spirit.  
She showed us a picture taken with a cell phone camera that looked like a faint picture of a person and a dog.   We picked up some
elevated EMF readings and my dowsing rods reacted to the corner of the garage.  Several members of the team had the feeling of
being drunk while in the garage.   One of the team captured a swirling mist on a digital camera, at the same time he was taking the
picture his battery read as being low.  It was a brand new battery.  I conducted EVP recordings.  I got a very guttural voice that
sounded like "Get Out".  The rest we couldn't understand.  The psychic on our team picked up a gentleman in his 50's named John.  
He did not know that he had passed away.  He felt like the garage was his and he liked to putter around in it.  He was very unhappy
with the residents of the home.  He did not understand why they were in "his" place.  There was a dog spirit present but it was not
connected to John.   The psychic informed John that he had passed away and asked him if wanted help to move on to the other side.  
and roof during the ceremony.   Afterwards the garage felt cooler and less oppressive.   Unfortunately, the paranormal activity has
increased.  We believe another entity is present.  We are going to follow up and conduct another investigation.  We want to bring
peace to this family.
Footnote:  We looked into the background of the property and found a John C. associated with the property well before the current
family moved in.
Ghost in the Garage, Follow up Investigation
By Sarah Harrison
We were asked to do a follow up investigation at this home due to increased paranormal activity.  The family reported that the CD
player and TV would turn on and off by themselves and the TV would change channels rapidly.  Something would bang on the
garage door from the inside.  The family had the feeling of being watched and the son's bedroom was very uncomfortable for
anyone to enter.  I walked into the bedroom and felt something pass through me, it felt like an electric charge and I felt "tingly" and
hyper for about an hour.  Another member of the group went into the bedroom and reported feeling something hot pressing against
his face and side of his body.  We got pictures of orb activity, a swirling mist in the kitchen, and elevated EMF readings in the
garage.  I spoke the name John, the ghost from the first investigation, and the orb activity exploded.   I had the lady of the house do
EVP's and we caught a voice that sounded like it was saying "please".  Our psychic determined that we were dealing with a
investigation to conduct a ceremony to remove this entity from the family.
Update:  We were successful, there have been no more reports of paranormal activity in the home.  Family has moved into a new
home and reports more paranormal activity.  We will be doing an investigation soon.
I Saw the Brown Mountain Lights
By Sarah Harrison
Lewis Memorial Park
By Sarah Harrison
Nov. 11, 2005.  Cemetery workers claim that Mr. Lewis, who donated the land for the cemetery, rides through the park on a
ghostly horse.  However, I have not found anyone who has seen this ghost for themselves.  We were approached by a lady who
says she was in the cemetery one night and encountered a spectral dog which chased her out of the cemetery.  During our
investigation of the cemetery, we photographed a few orbs.  Other than that the cemetery was quite peaceful.  We encountered a
warm spot on top of the hill, which we can't explain, but were grateful for since the temperature was in the 40's.  We didn't find
much in the way of paranormal activity.  We may return in
warmer weather.
Grove Park Inn,  Feb. 17th, 2006
Our investigation of the Grove Park Inn was very productive.  It was an active night and most of the team were able to
photograph some orbs.  We were able to visit 545, the haunted room, and we captured orb activity inside.  Our psychic was
able to make contact with a spirit that may have been the Pink Lady.  The psychic stated that the spirit was distraught, sad, and
confused.  The spirit stated that she had to stay here, that this is where she is supposed to be.  We were accompanied by some
folks from WPVM radio, who recorded our investigation.  Our investigation was broadcast on WPVM in February and March.
Haunted Picnic Area
May 6th, 2006
We were asked to investigate a haunted picnic area.  The background history is that a woman was brutally murdered
there.  The case is still unsolved.
People, especially women, report feelings of fear and dread at this picnic area.
The investigation was productive even though it was daylight and people were around. Most of us felt a presence and
several orbs were photographed. My EMF meter gave very strong results in certain areas. We have determined an entity
is present so will return in a couple of weeks for a night time investigation.
May 20th, 2006
Well, the follow up investigation turned out to be a bit soggy. Contact was made with the spirit present, by our psychic.
The spirit does not want to move on because of concern for her children. Because of the rain, it was difficult to take good
pictures. Philip did manage to get a picture of what appears to be a vortex. Pictures are posted on Photographs page.
June 9th, 2006
The final investigation of the picnic area went very well.  For one thing, it wasn't raining this time.  We got some orb and
vortex pictures.  Contact was made with the spirit present.  After hearing about her husband and children, she was ready
to move on.  A ceremony was conducted and we feel that she has moved on to the other side.
                                   Slamming Door Ghost
                                                              By Sarah Harrison

We were called to do an investigation in a home in Asheville.  The family stated that the lights would turn on and off by
themselves and doors would slam shut and open by themselves.  The lady stated that she had vivid, disturbing dreams
and would wake up and find hand prints on her leg.  They had a play room set up for their grandchild and in this room the
lights would come on and off and the door would open.  The young grandchild was terrified of something nobody else
could see and said a "Coco" was in the room. (His word for something scary).  The door to the computer room would
slam shut and then open slowly.  This would happen when the windows were shut so a breeze coming through the
window is not the cause.  The door opens and closes very easily so I have not ruled out air flow.  In the playroom, using
my dowsing rods, I contacted a kind, non-threatening female entity.  She said she was the one turning the lights on and
off.  She also stated that there were multiple spirits in the house.  When I entered this room, I closed the door behind me.
 When I finished contacting the female spirit, the door to the playroom opened by itself.
The master bedroom was another story.  Many members of the group felt the room was oppressive.  The EMF meters
reacted very strongly in the middle of the bed.  We captured a great deal of orb activity on camera and camcorder.  The
member operating the camcorder ran it for about 15-20 minutes but only a couple of minutes were actually recorded.  
The battery kept running low but was fine every time he left the room.  Using my dowsing rods, I contacted a male spirit
but he was difficult to communicate with.  One of our group came out of the bedroom and said something grabbed her
by the throat.  There were red marks on each side of her throat.  She went back in the bedroom and something grabbed
her arm tightly.  I managed to photograph the marks before they faded.  I was using my dowsing rods and something
grabbed my right hand and I was unable to move the dowsing rod back into the forward position until I shook off
whatever had a hold of my hand.
We got some great pictures of orbs and a possible apparition but the pictures disappeared off the digital camera.  This
was one strange investigation.  I will post what pics can be salvaged.
We will be returning to this property for more investigation.
Monday, November 7th, 2005
I drove up to the 181 overlook near Morganton.  When I got there around 7:30, nothing was happening.  I thought "dang, drove all
the way from Asheville and it's going to be a no show night".  I got my flashlight and looked around the overlook, at one end of the
parking lot was a couple having a tryst and at the other end was a guy drinking out of a brown paper bag.  Great, sex, booze and a
paranormal investigator, what a motley crew.  As I walked back to my car, the light show started.  I saw red, orange, white balls of
light on Brown Mountain.  They would start out together, pull apart, and tumble around.  I watched this show for more than an hour.  
It was still going on when I left at 9:00.  It was a clear night, though clouds started moving in about nine.  There was a half moon in
the sky and temperature was 55 degrees.
Smith-McDowell House, Oct. 13th, 2006
The Smith-McDowell House was built in 1840 and is the oldest structure in Asheville still standing. It is located on Victoria Rd.
on the AB Tech campus. It is now a museum and open to the public. People have reported seeing a ghost in the kitchen,
music and sounds of voices. There is a young girl who is playful in one of the bedrooms and something dark and unpleasant
in the cistern room. There are some photos from the hunt on the Photos III page.  
Something very spooky happened while we were there. I was waiting around the side of the house with the LEMUR Team,
waiting for the museum folks to come and unlock the door. The front door had been closed and locked when I went up to the
front door to look at the wreaths. The Fox news people arrived, went to the front door, and found it open. They went inside and
heard music. They came outside to talk to us. When we went to the front door it was closed and locked. When the museum
folks arrived, they didn't understand how the door was unlocked and why the Fox News folks didn't set off the motion
By Sarah Harrison
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