The Ghost in the Restaurant
We were called to Mountain Brew Cafe, Sweeten Creek Rd, in South
Asheville.  The owner of the restaurant complained of seeing figures,
hearing doors slam, hearing heavy footsteps on the stairs when no one
rearrange the items on the bulletin board after the restaurant was closed for
for any length of time.
Our psychic discovered a female spirit upstairs in one of the rooms.  She had
been murdered in the room that many people found uncomfortable.   She
was crossed over with some difficulty, due to her fears, especially of men.  
The property in back of the restaurant is a bird sanctuary, but was a
homestead in the 1800's.  There were spirits of an elderly lady and several
children.  The children were going to the restaurant to play and causing most
of the noise.  The elderly woman did not know she was dead and was going
through the motions of her everyday life as she did when alive.  She and the
children were crossed over.
There was also a non-human entity in the restaurant that was not pleasant.  
An exorcism was preformed, but it is too soon to know if it was successful.
Update:  The restaurant is still having problems with paranormal activity.  We
will be returning to do more investigations.

We returned to the restaurant and it was discovered that a vortex was in the
restaurant and the non-human entity was still present.  We performed a full
exorcism and closed the vortex.  The owner reports that the restaurant is
now peaceful and pleasant.
An eerie video was shot during this investigation.  The camera was upstairs
and no one was upstairs while it was running.  You can hear footsteps and
the camera moves twice.  Then a black shape moves in front of the window
on the right side and blocks out the light.
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'Till Death Do Us Part?
We did an investigation of a home in Asheville where the residents, especially
the children, were seeing apparitions.  The youngest child, age 2, would not
sleep in his bedroom.  In one occurrence, a package of diapers lifted off the The
psychic contacted an older couple.  They had lived for many years in the house
and had past away there.  They were attracted to the little boy and would visit
him in his room.
The husband was aware he was dead and wanted to move on.  The wife was in
complete denial and refused to listen to reason.  She kept ordering us out of
"her" home.  The husband would not cross over without her.   We gave up at that
point.  We will return at a later date and try to cross them over again.
The Heart Broken Ghost
We did an investigation of a home in Canton where the residents claim to have seen
apparitions of a person and several cats.  They also claimed to be touched by something
unseen.  They also were very uncomfortable to the point of being fearful of the master
Our psychic picked up a teenage girl named Emma Jane Reynolds.  She died in 1796.  She
was engaged to be married but had contracted a disease that covered her body in large
sores. (Smallpox possibly)  She knew she would be disfigured and her beau would not
marry her.  She lost the will to live.  She was crossed over with no problem.
The home was a poorly built house from the 1940's.  The wiring in the house was
problematic.  The EMF levels at the head of the bed were off the scale.  Exposure to high
levels of EMF energy can cause EMF sickness which can result in headaches, nausea,
feelings of being watched, and hallucinations. We advised the residents to move their bed.
The Imaginary Friend
We were called to a home in Canton with a report of a little girl ghost.  The resident's
four year old daughter had an "imaginary friend" named Sara.  Now Sara was quite
mischievous and was always trying to get the resident's daughter to engage in
mischief with her.  Problems arose when the residents had a new baby.  The baby,
now 4 months old, would be fine one minute and then screaming in terror the next.  
Our psychic contacted Sara and learned her sad history.  Sara was 5 or 6 and lived in
a cabin on the property sometime in the 1800's.  She had a younger sister, Maggie,
who was a toddler.   Sara was supposed to be watching Maggie, but Maggie
wandered over to the fire and pulled a pot of scalding hot liquid over on herself.  
She died from the burns.  Sara's father beat Sara with a belt.  Not long after, Sara
died after being shot.  We don't know if it was accidental, or related to her sister's
death.  Sara's hostility toward the baby stemmed from her younger sister's death.  
She felt that if something happened to the baby, then her friend (the resident's older
daughter) would be hurt like she was.
Our psychic explained to Sara that nothing was going to happen to the baby, but if it
did, her friend would not be harmed.  Sara was very difficult to cross over.  She was
happy where she was, especially having a playmate who could see her. We think she
did cross, but if she didn't, we will return if she continues to harass the baby.
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The Way Station
We were called to Edneyville to the site of a stagecoach stop and inn from the 1700's
and 1800's. The original inn is long gone, but the foundations of the inn are still
visible. The current home on the property is haunted by the spirits of a Confederate
soldier and a woman in white.  The old barn on the property has a tragic history.  In
the 1800's, a young girl was kidnapped by the caretaker of the property.  She was
abused and murdered in the barn.  This story is well known by the residents of the
community.  The barn is haunted by the spirits of the girl and the caretaker.  The
current residents have seen all these ghosts, as well as hear the sounds of horses
and a stagecoach pulling up to the house.  There is an old graveyard on a hilltop
above the house.  We hiked up there and found river rocks piled in man sized
shapes on the hilltop.  The residents claimed they had friends try to spend the night
on the hilltop but not one single person made it through the night.
Many spooky things happened the night we were there.  We heard whispering
coming from the barn when no one was inside.  One of the team members was
pushed off the porch of the house by something nobody could see.
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