Big Cats
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Black Panther Spotted In Mars Hill, NC
Black Panther seen in Mars Hill, NC, off Big Laurel Rd.  This is the
report:  My husband spotted an extremely large black cat. It looked
very much like a cougar, but black. I did not think that panthers
existed in this region, but it was the real deal. Moved to fast for us
to get a picture! This was at approximately 6:20 pm on October
30th 2009.
Black Panthers Sighted Near Fairview, NC
Report from S.G. June, 2010- Witness report:  I live in the Fairview
community of southeastern Buncombe County. In the past 3 weeks,
there have been 5 separate sightings (maybe more by now), of a black
mountain lion in the Old Fort Road/Cliffs of High Carolina area.
According to a map, all but 1 of these sightings have taken place
within a mile of each other. The 5th sighting is about 2 miles away.
These sightings are taking place near the Echo Lake development.
There are reports of dogs being attacked and cats going missing. The
"official" story is that not only do mountain lions not reside in WNC
anymore, black mountain lions don't exist at all. I don't believe this to
be true. Five normal folks, who don't know each other, all seeing the
same thing in the same area, is more than a case of mistaken identity. I
hope someone can get a photograph of this/these elusive creatures
before it gets hit by a car or shot.
Black Panthers Sighted In Alexander, NC.
2011- Multiple black panther sightings have been reported in
Alexander, NC.  Witness states that he heard the sound of a woman
screaming. When he went outside, he saw three black panthers
sauntering away. His neighbors have reported hearing the sound of
a woman screaming and their dogs have gone "crazy."
Big Cats spotted by Taxi Cab Drivers on
Town Mountain Rd. in Asheville
2011- Cab Drivers have been reporting multiple sightings
of tan cougars and black panthers on Town Mountain Rd.
Black Panther Seen On The Blue Ridge Parkway
Report from EW, August 28th 2011. At about 1 am, while driving the Blue Ridge
Parkway between Little Switzerland and Asheville, we went around a curve
and caught sight of a panther right by the road. We are familiar with other
wildlife in the area, including bobcats and bears, and this was neither of those.
taller than a large dog. Additionally, it was black in color with a long tail. We
know that these cats don't officially exist in the area, however, we both have
the same description and know what we saw and my reaction was similar to
that of seeing a ghost.
The animal didn't seem to mind us. As we passed, it looked up at our car and
very slowly turned away to go back down the mountain.
I am emailing you because this may be the most recent sighting of the panther
in WNC. The nearest landmark would be the Craggy Gardens picnic area.
Black Panthers Seen in Walnut, NC, near Marshall, NC
Black Panthers Have been spotted in the Walnut section of
Madison County.  Numerous witnesses have seen the black
panthers, including children waiting for the school bus.