The State Theatre in Kingsport, TN
The State Theatre was built as a Vaudeville Theatre in the 1920's.  It was later
converted to a movie theatre.  It was closed in the 1980's and is now
undergoing renovations to turn it back into a movie theatre.  The owner has
stated that there is a very uncomfortable, hostile presence in the projection
booth.  The door to the projection booth slammed shut in a photographer's
face and opened by itself.  The door is on a spring and it's impossible for it to
open by itself.
Paranormal investigators from Asheville Paranormal Society and LEMUR
investigated this theatre the weekend of May 15th, 2007
Orb in the projection booth, by Sarah Harrison
More Orbs in projection booth, by Sarah Harrison
The Tri-field EMF meter went off when no one was near it.  Photographs taken at that
moment showed many orbs.  No orbs were photographed after the meter stopped going off.
Photos by Sarah Harrison
From Drunken Ghost Investigation, orb by door,  photo by Phillip Driver
The Log Cabin Ghost Investigation
Orb by head
Orb on ceiling, left side
Orb in front of bookcase
Orb, right of light
Picture of house during
investigation, strange mist
around house.  It was an
overcast day, picture
taken after this one was
normal.  By Philip Driver
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