Most of the great pictures we got on The Slamming Door
Ghost investigation disappeared mysteriously.  See
Investigations page for full story.
Couple of orbs, Photo by Jim Messer
Large orb, photo by Dee Brown
Red marks on arm of group member,
she was grabbed by something unseen.
Photo by Sarah Harrison
A couple of orbs, right side of picture,
photo by Sarah Harrison
Small orb, photo by Sarah Harrison
Photos from LEMUR Bigfoot and Ghosts Weekend, 2006
Photo with orbs and what look like eyes looking from behind
a tree, Bigfoot watching us?  Photo by Sarah Harrison
Photo with one orb near top of photo,
photo by Sarah Harrison
A mysterious footprint, photo by
Sarah Harrison
Orb above St. Lawrence's Basilica, photo by
Jeremy Case
Photos from ghost hunt at Smith-McDowell House, 2006
Brown mist with orb inside, photo
by Phred
Orb, photo by Phred
Orbs, photos by Sarah Harrison