Bigfoot in WNC
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Oct, 2006- I have received a report of a Bigfoot sighting
in Fairview, near Asheville, NC.  Here is her story:
A weird event  happened at my mom's house about 3-4
days ago. She told me she heard heavy footsteps
on the top of her trailer. She said they sounded like a
scolded kid stomping around making grunting noises. It
walked from over top of her bedroom to the front door
and jumped down with a load thud that shook the
trailer. After it landed on the front porch it ran full speed
into the chain link fence in the yard. Afterwards they
heard different dogs in the area barking at this creature,
even sounds of dogs yipping in pain like they were
being attacked. I looked around and so far I have found
some footprints in pine needles, but only 3 toes show
up and there was some minor damage to the chain link
Taken on the LEMUR Bigfoot & Ghosts Weekend.  Photo
contains orbs and what looks like eyes looking from behind
a tree.  Photo by Sarah Harrison
A mysterious footprint.  Photo by Sarah Harrison
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Jan. 2007- I have received reports of Bigfoot activity in Black Mountain, NC.  There
have been howls, grunts, and tree banging, as well as logs placed in unnatural
positions and saplings twisted and broken. The person reporting the activity has been
placing food in baskets and hanging them 6 1/2 feet off the ground.  The food is
always taken.  He snapped the picture below on a clear, dry night.  Many Bigfoot
researchers believe Bigfoot is an inter-dimensional creature and that's how it eludes
us.  I lean more toward Bigfoot being a normal animal, but I respect all viewpoints.  
You be the judge of what you see in the picture.
Bigfoot in Black Mountain, NC
By Sarah Harrison
Photo by S.S.
Bigfoot spotted near Ridgecrest
Sept. 2008, report from Roy.  I may have seen and heard a Bigfoot in Ridgecrest on three
separate occasions in the past two weeks. The first was on Sept. 4th about 11pm, it ran
across the road and jumped the fence headed across I-40. The second time I saw it was 2
nights later about 200 feet from where I saw it before, it ran from a wooded patch, across a
dirt road, between two buildings, and into the thick woods.
The third time, on the 22nd, I was sitting on my friend's porch about 9:30 and the dogs
started barking at the woods but would not go near them. After a few minutes my friend and
I walked towards the edge of the woods to see if we could see anything, but all we heard
was a light gurgling growl and some small trees started to move.
I don't know about the last one, but the first two I am sure it was a Bigfoot. Both times I was
about 20 ft away and the figure was dark, hairy and maybe 7 ft tall.
Bigfoot Prints Photographed in Nantahala
Forest Near the Appalachian Trail
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Reptile-Like Hominoid Seen Near Chimney Rock, NC
According to the witness, she and friend were driving toward Chimney Rock late one night
when a creature darted in front of their car and stopped in the road.  She slammed on the
brakes to avoid hitting it.  They got a good look at the creature as it stood in the road for
several minutes.  It walked on two legs, was roughly 5 feet tall, and was hominoid in
appearance. It had brown/bronze leathery skin (no fur), two slits where the nose should
be, huge eyes (described as the kind of eyes seen on a nocturnal animal), sharp looking
teeth, and claws on the end of the fingers. After several minutes, it ran off into the forest.
According to Cherokee legend, the area of Chimney Rock is home to the Little People or
the Moon-eyed People.  They are blinded by sunlight and live underground, only venturing
out on very dark nights. Has anyone else had a sighting of this unusual cryptid?  
Hikers Have Rocks Thrown At Them
A group of hikers were hiking near the Swannanoa Tunnel between Black Mountain and Old Fort, NC.
They were attacked by having rocks thrown at them from multiple directions.   The hikers took cover
and the assault lasted for roughly 15 min.  They never saw their attackers, but heard grunts and
growls coming from the thick vegetation. Bigfoot has been known to throw rocks at people.
Hikers Chased By a Bigfoot on Pinnacle Trail  
Pinnacle Trail is located near the WNC Arboretum.  Two men were walking back to their
car after dark and claimed they were chased back to their car by a tall, hairy creature.
Bigfoot Sighting in Yancey County
2011- A group of men witnessed a Bigfoot type creature run out in the
road in front of their car.  They slammed on the brakes to miss the
creature.  They state the creature had a very foul odor.  The location
was 19W near the Egypt community.