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Bigfoot in WNC?
By Sarah Harrison
This is the story as told to me by my friend, Phil K.:  I was staying with a friend who
lives near Erwin High School in Leicester.  We went into the woods behind his
house to drink beer and we heard a horrible scream and something large
crashing around in the woods.  I am a hunter and outdoors man and I have never
heard a scream like that.  My friend went pale and said it was the "monster" and
we have to get back to the house now.  My friend refused to talk about it, he
would not tell me what the monster was.  We went out the next morning and I
found a large human looking footprint in the mud.  I have since watched shows
on TV where they played recorded screams of Bigfoot.  That is what I heard.  From
that point on, I believed in Bigfoot.
South Mountain, near Morganton, NC
Madison County
Brown, Hairy creature on two legs seen running across Old Marshall Highway.
Frequent Bigfoot sightings have been reported in Hot Springs, NC.
Old Fort, NC
Hendersonville, NC
Dec. 2000- Woman reports that her dog went "nuts".  Let the dog outside after a snowstorm and
found huge footprints in the snow.  Too large to be a human.  Heard something large crashing
around in the woods for several nights afterwards.
April 1983- Young man driving at about 2- 3am, saw a brown, shaggy creature with a pointed head.  
The creature was 4- 5 feet tall and was running on two legs.  It ran in front of his car and he had to
slam on brakes to keep from hitting the creature.  He got a good look at creature in headlights.  It
was not a bear or human.
Cherokee County
March 29, 2000- Nantahala National Forest, Hanging Dog Campground.  Hiker reports seeing large
creature with black hair walking upright.  States that it was not a bear.  Hiker returned to
campground and packed up tent and left.
January, 2001- Near Hanging Dog Campground.  Hiker finds human-like tracks with five toes,
he states tracks were 12-14 inches long.
August 7, 2002- Young men out looking for arrowheads encountered a human-like creature,
covered with black fur, standing upright in a stream.  Creature ran off and witnesses' smelled a
very foul odor, worse than a skunk.  They heard crashing sounds in the underbrush.
Oct. 1986- Greasy Creek, NC, near Chilhowee Campground.  About 4pm on a gravel road in a
remote area.  Witness stopped car to take a break and smelled a strong, musty urine odor
and heard a low, deep grunt.  He saw a large black and gray creature in the underbrush
which stared at him as he hurriedly returned to the car.  He said it had a human-like face.
Spruce Pine, NC
April 15, 1986- Campers see 8 ft tall bigfoot with red eyes.  They grabbed their tent and left
in a hurry.
Sept. 2000- Bear Den Campground, Blue Ridge Parkway, Mile Marker 324.8.  Campers heard
a howl and moan followed by a whoop, whoop, whoop sound over a period of several
nights.  Always occurred between 2 and 3 am.  They returned home and checked out a
Bigfoot website and said the recorded cries on the website were identical to what they
Appalachian Trail, Swain County
Jan. 5, 1998- Four miles north of Nantahala Outdoor Center.  Hiker found bare footprints in the
snow, much too large to be human.  Hiker followed footprints for approximately a mile and a
half in very rugged terrain.
Buncombe County
Sept. 1986- On a dirt road near Barnardsville, a man saw a 6 1/2- 7 1/2 tall creature by the side of
the road, standing by a tree.  He slowed down to look and said it was not a bear.  He turned the
car around to look at creature again, but it was gone.  He drove out the next day to look for
tracks and the tree, the creature had been standing by, was uprooted and lying across the road.
Macon County
Fall 1973- Between Cullowhee and Franklin in area now known as Panthertown Valley.  About
11:30pm, a couple was driving down a dirt road in a remote area.  A creature 7 1/2 feet tall,
weighing about 350-450 lbs., crossed the road in front of their car.  They claim it turned and
looked at them and had "ice-blue eyes".
Yancey County
March 1988- Group of people out 4-wheel driving, spotted footprints in the snow near
Mt. Mitchell.  They stated prints were 14 in. long and had a very long stride up a steep
Haywood County
By Sarah Harrison
I interviewed a gentleman who stated that in June 2005, on the Flat Laurel Creek hiking trail
near Canton, NC, he saw a creature with silver hair, that had a very muscular build.  It
appeared to be resting on the ground, stood up and moved away very quickly,  He stated that
the hair was glossy and the creature was very healthy looking. He hurried away and further
down the trail he found a bare footprint that was approximately 16 in. long and 8 in. wide.  He
said footprint was too large to be a human, had a very narrow heel and an arch.  I visited the
area in 2006.  The terrain is rugged and the vegetation very thick.  I traveled off the trail and
found some branches that had been partially broken by twisting.  I heard a large thud like
something hitting a tree, and something moved in the underbrush.  As it is bear country, I
decided to retreat.
To visit this area, drive to approximately mile marker 421 on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Turn
onto Black Mtn. Balsam Knob Rd (near Graveyard Fields overlook) and drive to parking area.  
At the far left side of the parking lot is Flat Laurel Creek Trail.
Bigfoot Hitching a Ride at Craggy Gardens
By Kristy Daniels
April 2005- One night when my sister and her husband were going home from a ride on the Blue
Ridge Parkway, they went under an overpass on the parkway and something jumped in the
back of their pickup truck. They weren't going fast because there are usually alot of deer in that
area and they were being careful not to hit one. But, this night, they hadn't seen any wildlife.
When they went under that overpass, my sister said that they heard a load thump in the bed of
the truck and it was shifting the bed back and forth. (this was a small Toyota) My brother-In-Law
looked back and saw some thing that was big and dark colored in the bed. He put the pedal to
the metal and my sister hit the floorboard scared to death, she wouldn't look because she was
afraid of what she might see. They both were terrified and after a few minutes it jumped out and
went down a bank off the side of the road. My sister's husband said that he saw it in the mirror
when it jumped and it landed on all fours and jumped up and ran on two feet down the bank
holding its arms outward. They both came home shaking.  This happened around April a year or
so ago in the Craggy Gardens area (or a little ways past that is what they told me). They don't  
know what it was, my brother-in-law said he didn't know for sure if it was a Bigfoot but, he didn't
know what else it could have been.
Webmaster's note: This story does not rate very high on the credibility meter, but I thought it an
amusing story.  
Craggy Gardens is located near mile marker 364 on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Thunder Hill, near Blowing Rock, NC
The story of the Thunder Hill Creature goes that in the 1920's a family lived in the area, Carl, Nelly,
and their infant son.  One night, Nelly thought she heard thunder and went outside to put their
horse in the barn.  In the yard, she was confronted by a human looking creature covered in brown
hair with yellow streaks.  She turned and ran for the house, but the creature caught her as she
reached the porch.  She grabbed the porch post and hung on for dear life as the creature tried to
pull her free.  Her husband heard the commotion and came outside.  The creature dropped Nelly
and ran off.  The creature was seen by area residents over the next several days, including a
young boy who was reportedly knocked to the ground by it.   After that, the creature disappeared,
never to be seen in the Thunder Hill area again.  To visit this area, go to mile marker 290 on the
Blue Ridge Parkway.
Cast of Bigfoot print made in East Tennessee, photo by Philip Driver
My own experience on a Bigfoot Hunt
By Sarah Harrison
I met up with some Bigfoot investigators in East Tennessee.  We went to an area
with a history of Bigfoot activity.  There were reports of a Bigfoot type creature
made at the scene of one sighting.  When we arrived in the area, we found grass
and vegetation matted down like something big had passed through.  We smelled a
very foul order, the only way to describe it as a combination of decaying flesh and
feces.  We heard something large moving through the woods.  We tried to follow
but the vegetation was too thick.
Various Nicknames for Bigfoot type creatures in North Carolina

- Cleveland County;  Boojum- Eagle Nest Mountain Area, Haywood County;
Woollybooger- Drexal area, Burke County;  Wampus Cat- Central, Eastern parts of NC;
Green Swamp Beast- Brunswick County;  Turtle Man- Cedar Island, NC;  Pine Tree Charlie- WNC;
Monkey Man- Barnardsville, NC area; Kecleh Kudleh (pronounced Chickly Cudly) Cherokee for
Hairy Man- WNC
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LEMUR Bigfoot and Ghosts Weekend
1974- 7 foot tall Bigfoot stood up by campfire, ran away when shot at.  
1979- Man saw black shape run into undergrowth, saw creature again
next day and shot at it.
7 foot tall hairy creature seen watching family from edge of woods, later was seen looking in the
sliding glass door.
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