Unusual manifestation, not visible when
photo was taken, Carolina Inn.  Photo by
Sarah Harrison
Orbs, Carolina Inn, Chapel Hill, NC.  Photo
by Sarah Harrison
to Mike's
Photo from "The Ghost in the Garage" Investigation. Dog
spirit is seen sitting on the floor.  Photo by Roy Walden
Photo taken at
investigation at Carolina
Inn, Chapel Hill, NC.  
Strange manifestation by
picture frame.  Room is
haunted by man who died
in the bed.  Photo by
Sarah Harrison
Orbs floating near ceiling, Ghost in the Garage
Investigation.  Photo by Beth Coleman
Orb in motion by door.  Photo by Beth Coleman
Paranormal Mist, Photo by Sarah Harrison
Mist captured on film, photo by Roy Walden
After saying name "John" the orb population exploded, photo by
Beth Coleman
Orb in Graveyard, Photo by Sarah Harrison
Orb at Lewis Memorial Park.  Photo by David and
Kara Allen
Submitted by team member's sister, note orb over
Orb by Crematorium.  Photo by Sarah Harrison
Orbs photographed in Grove Park Inn's haunted room 545
Photos by Shawn Bradford
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