An example of "squiggles"  Photo by
Shawn Bradford
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streak and squiggle
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Submitted to us by Ken in Canada,  
streak phenomenon is often
photographed in areas of high
paranormal activity.
Photo by Shawn Bradford
Orb photographed in front of haunted room 545 during
Grove Park Inn Investigation 2-17-06.  Photo by Roy Walden
Squiggle, picture taken in children's cemetery
by David Adams
Orb photographed at Helen's Bridge.  Photo by
Dee Brown
Lots of orbs photographed at Helen's Bridge.  
Photo by Dee Brown
Green orb photographed in children's cemetery.
 Photo by David Adams
Orbs, picture taken on Church St.
Asheville.  See Local Ghost Stories
page for history of Church St.  Photo
by Dee Brown
Picture taken in investigation in a home, April 1st, 2006.  
Strange orange light by hand and orb on the door frame.  
Photo by Mona Johnson
Picture taken during investigation at haunted
picnic area, 5/20/06.  Photo by Philip Driver.
Orb photographed at Helen's Bridge
Photo by Sarah Harrison
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Orbs, pictures taken near Grove
Park Inn's haunted room 545
Photos by Sarah Harrison
Orb photographed at haunted picnic area
Photo by Mona Johnson
Orbs and paranormal mist photographed at
Helen's Bridge.  Photo by Dee Brown
Orbs photographed at picnic area.  Photo by Sarah
Photo by Philip Driver