This picture was submitted by a paranormal investigator in Tennessee. It shows
what appears to be an apparition of an old lady in a garden.  I cannot vouch if
the picture is legitimate or a hoax.  He swears it's real.  I'll let you decide.  
If it's
real, it's an amazing photo.
Enlargement of figure
This is a picture of Helen's Bridge taken in the early '90's,
before the renovations were done.  Photo by Sarah Harrison
This picture was submitted by a hunter who took the picture in a Georgia
swamp.  See the face on the right side by the tree.  Pretty creepy.
Enlargement of face.  As creepy as this picture
is, it is just pareidolia.  That is the human
brain's ability to see faces or figures where
none exist.  What looks like hair is spanish
moss and the face is a trick of light and shadow.
Picture of an orb taken inside
the Basilica of St. Lawrence in
Asheville.  Photo by Mark Bryant.
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Picture taken in a haunted school in Hickory, NC.  There is a dark
figure on the far left.  There is a face of a little girl beside the guy
with the baseball cap.  Picture by Phillip Driver
Enlargement of the
Little Girls face