You may have seen photos of ‘streaks’, those long, wavy lines in photos.
Usually reddish to orange in color, sometimes a single ‘streak’, and other times
many streaks travelling in unison in the photo.
It is theorized that the single streak and the multiple streak are possibly
separate events entirely.
Streaks are primarily a night or indoor event. It is theorized that streaks move
very fast, since there are no ‘streak sightings’ reported.
I’ve heard it called ‘spaghetti’ by one contactee. It is common for someone to
get one ‘streak’ photo and every other is perfectly normal on that roll of film.
While it may be readily thought to be a camera defect such as shutter
malfunction, or even some light leaking into the developer’s darkroom, there is
also another deeper side of streaks.
They show up in photos taken at UFO ‘hot spots’, they are thought to be an
‘accompanying phenomena’, one seen in proximity to the more mainstream
paranormal events. One could think that maybe they show up as a sort of
prelude or pathfinder for bigger things equally misunderstood.
A typical reaction to a photo of a streak is a puzzled look, silence or a shrug.
While streaks of the true paranormal variety may hold keys to mysteries yet
unpondered, they still wait their day in the spotlight.

This little-known event is similar to ‘streaks’, they are seen around and near
other paranormal events and locations. Unlike streaks, which are usually
orange or reddish in color, ‘Squiggles’ are usually whitish to bluish white. They
go by other names, such as ‘spirals’ and ‘worms’ due to their rather winding or
wiggly appearance. A lack of a standard of reference, a baseline to refer to,
seems to apply to all of these ‘forgotten unknowns’. Hence the many names
that are used in conjunction with them.
They most closely resemble an ‘ORB in motion’, and are often described in this
Like the other members of this little fraternity, ‘squiggles’ often accompany
other kinds of paranormal phenomena, such as ‘fog’ and UFOs. Squiggles are
considered as friendly or at least neutral by those who see and report them.
There appears to be more than one type of ‘squiggle’ as well. Since many kinds
of objects moving in front of a camera lens can produce blurry or out-of-focus
images, this category of phenomena has the major drawback of being all too
easily written off as something ordinary.
Since ‘squiggles’ somewhat resemble ‘ORBs in motion’, and might well be, and
since ORB matter closely resembles ‘paranormal fog’ in some respects, it
remains unclear whether these phenomena are different forms of the same
thing or different and separate things entirely. All that is known at this point is
that these things are being seen and photographed together on a regular
The actual meaning of each of these unknowns is yet to be realized, but
perhaps this apparent interrelationship is our first baseline for further
If there ever were something like an equivalent of a paranormal question mark,
it just might be the mysterious form known to some as ‘squiggles’.

By Dennis Rau
Webmasters note:  I am still studying this phenomenon
and the information presented is just one point of view
Photo by Alan Caviness of Carolina UFO's
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